Produce a new TV advert for Royal Mail


This resource gets student’s thinking about marketing activities that happen on a day to day level at Royal Mail and also the services that the Royal Mail offer. You can set your students an activity where they are required to create a new TV advert for Royal Mail’s postal service. The advert could be 30 seconds long and could be based around one of the following scenarios.

  1. A customer has just purchased a product online and is having it delivered to their home, but they are only going to be home until 12 noon.
  2. A family member is sending another family member a Birthday card, and wants it to get their quickly.


Alternatively you can create your own scenarios for students.

The aim is for students to:

  1. Produce a small research report on the different postal services available to businesses and others.
  2. Decide with justification which postal service they are going to choose for there scenario.
  3. Produce a small script or movie board for the advert.


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