Hurrah for Ra

Hurrah for Ra

Hurrah for Ra 2


Art, design and history come together in this ‘Thank you’ card-making project dedicated to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Children will learn about paper-making, the origins of writing and about Ancient Egyptian culture, expressed through the art and artefacts discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.


Learning objectives: by the end of the lesson

  • All will have considered the value of saying thank you, particularly for the gifts of the natural world
  • Most will be able to locate Egypt on a map, identify the Sahara Desert and the River Nile.
  • All will be able to name the sun god, Ra, and explain his importance to the Ancient Egyptians.
  • All will have the opportunity to explore/identify artefacts excavated from King Tutankhamen’s tomb.
  • Some will be able to formulate an historical timeline of events
  • All will be able to describe the importance and the many uses if papyrus.
  • All will be able to link the plant to the invention and etymology of ‘paper’.
  • Most will be able to sequence and explain the stages in the Ancient Egyptian paper making process.
  • All will have approximated the process in their own paper-making craft activity.
  • All will have discussed the importance and multiple reasons for writing
  • All will have identified and reproduced examples of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • Most will be able to name key events in the history and development of writing.
  • All will have designed and produced a card using Ancient Egyptian drawing techniques.
  • Some will have explored Ancient Egyptian design motifs and techniques in greater depth.
  • Some will have made comparisons between 3D and 2D representation.
  • Some will have independently researched sun god mythology in greater detail and depth.
  • All should be given the opportunity to evaluate their own and other’s work.



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If your computer cannot read Word or Powerpoint documents then please download the 2 PDF’s below:

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